CW's New Angel Show Feels Like The Stand Meets Dogma, But More Dramatic

We are not sure what to think about CW's new end-of-the-world series The Messengers, but at least now we finally know what this thing is about — angels. Watch! » 3/05/15 9:40am 3/05/15 9:40am

We Saw Syfy's Super Weird Angel Drama Dominion, And We Kind Of Love It

Last night, Syfy premiered their wacky angel drama Dominion. We did not have high hopes, but it turned out to be way weirder than we ever anticipated. And that's great, like a character becoming King of the MGM Grand in Vegas great. Not good like, "wow that's really convincing character chemistry." But it gets points… » 6/20/14 2:49pm 6/20/14 2:49pm

Exclusive Look Inside Syfy's Post-Apocalyptic Angel Drama Dominion

Here is everything you need to know about Syfy's new, bloody angel series Dominion. Get a good look at post-apocalyptic wasteland that humanity clings to after a 25-year holy war, as well as the evil angels that have turned on humankind. » 6/12/14 8:15am 6/12/14 8:15am

Syfy's Trailer For The Post-Apocalyptic Angel Drama Dominion Is Insane

Set in the year 25 "A.E.", Earth's post-apocalyptic future is run by an angel army, and the Angels are super pissed at mankind. Watch the very first trailer now. » 4/22/14 7:30am 4/22/14 7:30am

Hear Castiel crooning the Greatest American Hero theme on Supernatural

Supernatural often features brilliant musical moments — but few as hilarious, or as clever, as this one. Castiel, the fallen angel who's lost his powers, sings the Greatest American Hero theme tune, all about miraculously gaining superpowers. Amazing stuff. » 11/13/13 4:49pm 11/13/13 4:49pm

12 Fictional Afterlives That Are Worse Than Hell

Sometimes fire and brimstone might not be the worst things greeting you in the Afterlife. Here's our list of fictional Purgatories and Heavens — that would actually be worse than being plunged into Hellfire for all eternity. » 4/24/13 11:46am 4/24/13 11:46am

When Angels Attack: Syfy adapting Legion for TV

We had high hopes for Legion the 2010 apocalyptic thriller pitting humans and the archangel Michael against the heavenly host, but we were sorely disappointed by the clichéd characters and mile-wide plot holes. But now it looks like we'll get a second chance to see Heaven's war on Earth with Syfy's Legion TV series. » 2/11/12 12:00pm 2/11/12 12:00pm

Angelic squid descends over Argentina, bringing tentacled confusion in…

Here's another addition to the burgeoning Argentinian UFO files. An angel and/or space squid was recently unveiled by Argentinean news, and it unabashedly waggled its cosmic tendrils at a confused cameraman. Saucy cephalopod seraphim, taunting us Earthlings with your appendages! » 6/14/11 4:30pm 6/14/11 4:30pm

The CW's latest paranormal TV show: An angel becomes an attorney (in…

And the paranormal television just keeps on coming. CW's making a brand new pilot called Heavenly about an angel turned attorney who wants to save your soul, from jail and hell. But will you watch it? » 3/18/11 6:30am 3/18/11 6:30am

New Supernatural Anime trailer rolls out the old Impala

A brand new Supernatural anime trailer is out, showcasing the new cartooned cast and a whole lot of nasty boil-popping hexes, curses and demons. And it's all set to the tune of Kansas, naturally. » 12/21/10 1:42pm 12/21/10 1:42pm

Secrets of Supernatural season 4's most intriguing new characters

Supernatural introduced two fascinating characters in its fourth season: the angel Castiel, and the prophet Chuck. We've got two exclusive excerpts from a new Supernatural season four guidebook — learn which Winchester brother put his foot in Misha Collins' crotch. » 8/24/10 11:30am 8/24/10 11:30am

Angels, clowns and a deep dark place: the art of Mariano Villalba

This is the work of Mariano Villalba, a young Argentinian artist whose influences include Edgar Allen Poe, Jan Saudek and Scarface! His dark surreal world is populated with fallen angels, evil clowns (are there any other kinds?) and mysterious women. » 8/09/10 3:30pm 8/09/10 3:30pm

First hints about Supernatural season six, plus your first clip from…

The CW is shaking everything up. Supernatural is moving to Fridays, and the super-spoilery sixth season description has been released. Smallville plans a big blow-out ending, and the new spy show Nikita will kick ass on Thursdays. » 5/20/10 12:31pm 5/20/10 12:31pm

Funniest Moments From Supernatural Season 5: A Video Tribute

Tonight we say goodbye to the fifth season of Supernatural. But before we watch the Winchesters paint the walls with the inside bits of angels, we wanted to pay tribute to the laughs we shared. Here's our video tribute. » 5/13/10 6:32pm 5/13/10 6:32pm

Heartless Trailer Asks You To Make A Deal With The Devil

Jim Sturgess, the poppy singer from Across The Universe, is ready to sell his soul to the Devil to rid himself of his scars. But nobody told him that means signing up for Lucifer's demon army of British street thugs. » 2/04/10 10:30am 2/04/10 10:30am

Legion: On The Wings Of Loathe

You know how you've been waiting for a bad-ass angel movie? One that will finally cement the Feathered Soldiers of the Almighty in the action-flick firmament? Yeah well - Legion isn't it. » 1/22/10 3:00pm 1/22/10 3:00pm

Sam Jackson Readies His "Great Vengeance And Furious Anger" To Battle…

Looks like this warrior-angel trend isn't going anywhere. Josh Duhamel and Samuel Jackson have been cast in a sexy and violent religious film called Sympathy For The Devil. Brace yourself for more of Jackson's wild religious rants and Bible-quoting. » 1/22/10 7:00am 1/22/10 7:00am

Hot N' Holy: The Sexiest Of Hollywood's Heavenly Host

This week Legion reigns down with one giant shirtless tattooed angel fight, but this isn't the first time Hollywood's been stuck on a wing fetish. So which angel is truly is the most heavenly? We rank God's ranks for you. » 1/19/10 5:15pm 1/19/10 5:15pm