This huge anglerfish sculpture is wicked nightmare fuel

Behold the massive metal jaws of "Deep Sea Angler Fish," a five-foot long sculpture assembled entirely from recycled objects like bicycle parts, shovels and knives. It's modeled after one of the ocean deep's most iconic bioluminescent organisms. This is the fearsome handiwork of sculptor Justin La Doux, and it's one… » 9/14/12 4:00pm 9/14/12 4:00pm

Animal sex has never looked this good...or bizarre

Deep sea fish assimilating males for extra sperm, flies frozen mid-coitus for 20 million years, and a walrus's penis bone... it's all part of "Sexual Nature", a new exhibition at London's Natural History Museum that spotlights the many awesomely strange forms that animal intercourse can take. Let's go on a Valentine's… » 2/14/11 12:30pm 2/14/11 12:30pm