The ‘Prehistoric Beaver’ That Helped Mammals Inherit Earth


Sixty six million years ago the world changed in an instant. A huge asteroid, some ten kilometers in diameter, smashed into what is now Mexico. It arrived with the force of several million nuclear bombs, and unleashed a deadly cocktail of wildfires, tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanoes. »10/05/15 8:30pmMonday 8:30pm

Watch an octopus instantly make quicksand and then completely disappear in it

If you need more proof that the octopus is absolutely the super villain of the sea, check out this gnarly superpower that allows the southern sand octopus to create an automatic secret hideout: it shoots jets of water at the sand to make quicksand which it burrows itself in and effectively disappears. »9/27/15 12:00pm9/27/15 12:00pm

Bats Eating With Nectar-Pumping Tongues Are Weirdly Cool

Most nectar-eating bats hover in front of flowers and lap like crazy to shovel high-calorie goodness down their throats. But when some species of South American leaf-nosed bats cozy up to a flower, they just stick their tongues in and leave them there. They’re eating, but their tongues don’t seem to be moving at all.… »9/25/15 2:30pm9/25/15 2:30pm

Let's Talk About Mantis Shrimp Fight Club

The fearsome mantis shrimp has many fascinating attributes, most notably its powerful hammer-like rounded claws — technically known as “raptorial appendages” — that it uses to crack open the hard shells of its favored prey (clams and crabs) and to ward off predators. And now it seems they use them as weapons against… »9/24/15 1:41pm9/24/15 1:41pm

Rare Spectacled Bear Takes An Interest in the Camera Trap That's Filming It, With Adorable Results

The spectacled bear is the real-life inspiration for Paddington Bear, but as we see here, the spectacled bear is capable of making a great live-action movie of its own. Enjoy a fun few seconds of a bear checking out the camera that’s been sent to unobtrusively spy on it. »9/23/15 7:00pm9/23/15 7:00pm