If this isn't the real ending of Naruto, it should be

Fans of the Naruto anime have been waiting years for the inevitable showdown between Naruto and his emo rival Sasuke. Fox's Animation Domination has gotten a sneak peak at the last minutes of the final episode, and, as an anime fan, I can assure you it's perfect. If this isn't real, someone should make it real. » 9/20/13 3:20pm 9/20/13 3:20pm

"Scientifically Accurate DuckTales" is a NSFW cavalcade of horror

The folks at Fox's Animation Domination have given their special "scientifically accurate cartoon" treatment to DuckTales, and result is a nightmare from which you can nevrerwake, because ducks are the worst. Seriously, this makes hentai tentacle rape porn look like... well, regular DuckTales, I guess. » 7/23/13 11:40am 7/23/13 11:40am