Modern Technology Brings Ancient Greek Vases to Life

Panoply is a project that combines the animation talents of Steve K. Simons and the ancient Greek history expertise Sonya Nevin to produce beautiful animations of the scenes on artifact vases. Above is their version of the Pandora myth, developed from a circa 450BCE vase of a woman holding a casket and theā€¦ » 12/21/14 11:05pm 12/21/14 11:05pm

Hipster Disney Princesses take over the internet

A few weeks ago Hipster Ariel was burning up the memes - now her snarky Ray-Ban rants are being picked up by the rest of the Disney Princess crew. We give you Hipster Mulan, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Snow White, and more. » 2/25/11 10:06am 2/25/11 10:06am

Post-Apocalyptic Strawberry Shortcake Leads 80s Toys' Rebellion

Strawberry Shortcake and a mute WilyKit prepare their 80s-toy troops for the battle against Brainy Smurf, aka The Brain. Check out the brilliant story behind Tom Kyzivat's twisted art, and see if you can name each "after the fall" toy. » 2/23/10 7:00am 2/23/10 7:00am