Latest Dark Knight Rises Pic: Batman's Bat-Buckle, Catwoman's Pointy Ears

This week's Entertainment Weekly has The Dark Knight Rises on the cover, and it's your best look yet at Catwoman's pointy ears. And my god, does Anne Hathaway look anorexic to anyone else? I know that she bragged that she lived on "kale and dust" for Dark Knight Rises, but I hadn't seen her looking quite so...… »4/11/12 6:13pm4/11/12 6:13pm

Anne Hathaway "Consoles" Plane Crash Survivor In Passengers

According to the new scifi thriller Passengers, the reward for surviving a terrible plane crash includes gaining superpowers and getting to sleep with Anne Hathaway. Survivor Patrick Wilson gets all touchy-feely with his new grief counselor Hathaway after escaping near-death from a traumatic plane crash that leaves…
»9/02/08 11:20am9/02/08 11:20am