Another Big Game of Thrones Change! Plus The Weirdest Spidey Rumor Yet!

A new theory may explain the mystery brunette in Avengers: Age of Ultron. New hints about the reboots of The Crow and Hellraiser. Plus new details on the Superman characters who will join Supergirl. Spoilers now! » 11/03/14 6:00am 11/03/14 6:00am

The Writer Of 28 Days Later Tackles Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation

We celebrated Jeff VanderMeer's novel Annihilation as a weird science novel that's actually weird enough, and an antidote to J.J. Abrams-style mysteries. Now, the movie version has gotten a writer/director who can handle some weirdness: Alex Garland. » 10/31/14 6:30pm 10/31/14 6:30pm

Read The First Chapter Of Jeff VanderMeer's Authority Right Here!

Authority, the second volume in Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach trilogy, just came out. Given how much Annihilation thrilled us, that's exciting news. So we're stoked to be able to bring you the first chapter of Authority, exclusively at io9. » 5/08/14 3:40pm 5/08/14 3:40pm

Author Jeff VanderMeer Is Here to Talk to You About Annihilation

In March, the io9 book club read Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation. Today, from noon - 1:00 pm (PDT), VanderMeer will be joining us to answer your questions about Annihilation, weird fiction, and anything else! » 4/14/14 10:50am 4/14/14 10:50am

The io9 Book Club is in Session! Let's Talk About Annihilation.

Welcome to the monthly meeting of the io9 Book Club. In March, we read Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation. Jump into comments to get started talking about it! » 4/08/14 9:40am 4/08/14 9:40am

io9 Book Club Reminder: Meet 4/8 to Discuss Annihilation

This month, the io9 Book Club is reading Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation. We'll meet on April 8 to discuss it. Join us! There's still time to read the (short) book. » 4/01/14 10:52am 4/01/14 10:52am

Finally, a novel about weird science that's genuinely weird

Jeff VanderMeer's new novel Annihilation lures you in with a seriously intriguing mystery, then leaves you filled with incredible, delicious dread. It's the tale of an ill-fated scientific expedition to piece of coastline that has developed strange new physical properties that defy explanation. And it will make you… » 2/24/14 1:35pm 2/24/14 1:35pm

Read the mesmerizing first chapter of Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation

Legendary weird fiction writer and editor Jeff VanderMeer is back with a new trilogy, The Southern Reach, and the first novel came out last week. Called Annihilation, it's a fascinating, poetic tale of a mysterious organization that's sent a mission to explore "Area X," a chunk of Earth that has been warped into an… » 2/11/14 1:20pm 2/11/14 1:20pm

Jeff VanderMeer gets movie deal for his forthcoming Southern Reach…

Jeff VanderMeer is perhaps best known for his cult favorite Ambergris novels, including City of Saints and Madmen and Finch, which take place in a weird zone between gothic horror and political science fiction. Now he's sold a new series, the Southern Reach trilogy, to Farrar Straus and Giroux, and gotten a movie deal… » 3/28/13 2:16pm 3/28/13 2:16pm

Physicists Move One Step Closer to Discovering The Anti-You

Seconds after the Big Bang, the Universe was a soup of matter and antimatter. But today, everything around us is matter. So what and where is the antimatter? Last week, scientists came one step closer to finding out. » 3/12/10 3:30pm 3/12/10 3:30pm

Space Opera Rules This Week's Comics. And Batman's Still Gone.

Just in time for your gift-buying frenzy, comics publishers are putting out some brainwarping space opera tales — mostly in a classy hardcover format. This week, Marvel is reprinting two storylines that follow up the Annihilation saga, of invasion from beyond our universe. Another new hardcover collects two years of… » 12/09/08 9:00am 12/09/08 9:00am

This Week's Comics Have Something For Everyone... Even Monkey Fetishists

It had to happen; after the relatively quiet weeks of yore, this Wednesday sees a deluge of good stuff to your local comic book store. Whether you're looking for secret histories of your favorite superheroes, happier times for your favorite cancelled TV shows, something to make you pretend that the Speed Racer » 10/07/08 9:00am 10/07/08 9:00am movie…

Avoid Turkey Day By Visiting Space

I know, I know; you want to get into comics, but you don't know where to start. And who can blame you? This week alone sees the release of more than 100 comics and graphic novels, many of which are unspeakable dreck. What you need is someone smart to give you a heads-up on what you should be spending your time and… » 11/20/07 9:00am 11/20/07 9:00am

Must Read: Annihilation

Must-read graphic novels are futuristic classics that shouldn't be missed. Of course, not every must-see is perfect. That's why we've rated them 1-5 on the patented "crunchy goodness" scale.

Title: Annihilation
Date: 2006

Vitals: Every cosmic Marvel Comics character, like, ever teams up to fight a wave of space… » 9/30/07 11:13pm 9/30/07 11:13pm