Regal Yet Goofy Chinstrap Penguin Welcomes You To Antarctica

In this remarkable shot taken January 20, 2015, a Chinstrap penguin offers a close-up look at the distinctive marking that gives the bird its moniker. The waddling creature was photographed near the town of Villa Las Estrellas on Antarctica's King George Island. » 3/28/15 9:15am Saturday 9:15am

Here's What Could Happen If Antarctica's Ice Is Melting From Below

File this under, "Welp, this is worse than we thought." A study published in Nature Geoscience finds that warm seawater is likely getting under an East Antarctica glacier and melting it from below. If the glacier's ice shelf melts, runway melting could cause another 11 feet of sea-level rise—that's on top of… » 3/17/15 8:20pm 3/17/15 8:20pm

A World-Weary Puppy In Antarctica, Circa 1912

This poignant image (cheer up, buddy!) of a pup named "Blizzard" was taken in 1912 by Antarctic adventurer Frank Hurley, who two years later would be the photographer on Ernest Shackleton's famed Endurance Expedition. This shot is from the First Australasian Antarctic Expedition, which set out in 1911. » 2/21/15 1:45pm 2/21/15 1:45pm

Conservationists Have Restored Shackleton and Scott's Antarctic Shacks

Thanks to a ten-year effort by an international team of experts, the structures used by Antarctic explorers Sir Ernest Shackleton and Captain Robert Falcon Scott have been salvaged and restored to their original condition. » 2/04/15 1:19pm 2/04/15 1:19pm

This Is The Fish Researchers Found Living Underneath 2,400 Feet Of Ice

After drilling down through almost half a mile in solid ice on a glacial shelf in Antarctica, scientists found something surprising. There was something alive swimming in the just over 30 feet of water: this strange, clear fish. » 1/23/15 2:20pm 1/23/15 2:20pm

How I Shot an Upside-Down Glacier in Antarctica

I travelled to Antarctica in December on vacation with my family. I brought along my camera rig to shoot the glaciers, ice and penguins. We saw thousands of icebergs of course, but only one revealed its gorgeous underside — the 90% "below the surface" you hear so much about. » 1/15/15 5:04pm 1/15/15 5:04pm

What's An Average Day Like In Antarctica?

Antarctica is a place most of us will never see outside of pictures. But what's it like when one of nature's most taxing (and stunning) environments is also just the place you call home? » 12/16/14 4:20pm 12/16/14 4:20pm

Your New Desktop Wallpaper: A Fetching Geological Map Of The Arctic

Via Natural Resources Canada comes a gorgeously detailed geological map of the Arctic, served up hot and fresh for all your wallpaper needs. » 12/11/14 2:30pm 12/11/14 2:30pm

Admire The World's Most Gorgeous Buildings Dedicated To Science

The stunning ceiling above the Austrian Academy of Sciences' main auditorium helped the 167-year-old institution make Curbed's list of architecturally memorable buildings dedicated to science. » 12/10/14 9:30am 12/10/14 9:30am

For the first time ever, researchers have discovered comet dust (!) on the earth's surface. The extraterrestrial particles were found preserved in the ice and snow of Antarctica, which Science Magazine's Ilima Loomis reports could serve as "a promising new source of this material." » 12/05/14 3:20pm 12/05/14 3:20pm

We Lose A Chunk Of Antarctic Ice The Size Of Mt. Everest Every 2 Years

An analysis of the past 21 years of West Antarctica's rapidly dwindling glacier cover has revealed some troubling news: The rate of melting has tripled in the past decade alone. And it's only getting faster. » 12/02/14 1:40pm 12/02/14 1:40pm

Spend A Year Inside The Loneliest (And Coldest) Place On Earth

New Zealand filmmaker Anthony Powell spent 10 years working on Antarctica: A Year on Ice, a striking documentary that makes use of special cameras designed to withstand extreme temperatures. We talked to Powell about the incredible challenges of filming in the relentless cold. » 11/27/14 12:00pm 11/27/14 12:00pm

Stunning Drone Footage From Beneath The Ice Of Antarctica

Scientists use a range of techniques—from satellite observations to drilling holes—to measure sea ice thickness. Usually, such efforts look down at the sea floor. But, by equipping an underwater drone with upward-looking sonar, researchers were able to create the first high-resolution 3D maps of Antarctic sea ice. » 11/25/14 2:40pm 11/25/14 2:40pm

The latest measurements of the hole in the Ozone layer over the Antarctic put it at approximately the size of North America. Though that's certainly still a considerably-sized hole at 9 million square miles, NASA reports that the overall measurement has been holding roughly steady since 2010. » 10/31/14 1:30pm 10/31/14 1:30pm

100-Year-Old Notebook From The Ross Sea Party Recovered In Antarctica

More than a century after Captain Robert Falcon Scott's ill-fated Antarctic expedition, the photographic notebook of George Murray Levick – a surgeon, zoologist, and photographer on that voyage – has been discovered at Scott's final expedition base at Cape Evans, on Antarctica's Ross Island. » 10/25/14 8:30am 10/25/14 8:30am

These Are Plans for the First City in Antarctica

As the climate warms and the human population spreads out, it makes sense that eventually we'll want a city in Antarctica. That's why Argentinian architect Amancio Williams designed this futuristic city for the frozen continent. » 9/29/14 3:20pm 9/29/14 3:20pm

The latest edition of The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World reveals the geography that lurks beneath the ice in Antarctica and the Arctic. The new atlas shows canyons, lakes, trenches, and mountains, while highlighting the dramatic long-term decline of Arctic sea ice cover. Image credit: BAS » 9/25/14 10:50am 9/25/14 10:50am

Pollution Made It To The South Pole Before The First Explorers Did

The first explorer to ever set foot on the untouched South Pole did so over 100 years ago, in 1911. Although the area may have looked pristine, it had already been contaminated by lead. » 7/28/14 2:40pm 7/28/14 2:40pm

The Future of Emperor Penguins Is in Doubt

A new analysis shows that global warming will reduce Antarctica's emperor penguin population by nearly 20% over the next 80 years as the sea ice on which they breed becomes less secure. » 6/30/14 3:20pm 6/30/14 3:20pm

We're Losing 159 Billion Tons Of Antarctic Ice Per Year

According to a new survey, the amount of Antarctic ice being lost has doubled in the last three years, to hit a total of 159 billion tons each year. » 5/19/14 11:54am 5/19/14 11:54am