Scientists offer a miracle cure for the effects of alcohol poisoning:…

Drinking can wreak havoc on your insides, and not just the relatively short-lived brand of havoc brought on by a one-night drinking spree. We're talking long-term damage to the mucous membrane of your stomach that can give rise to all manner of gastrointestinal disorders, including ulcers, colorectal cancer, and… » 10/26/11 11:00am 10/26/11 11:00am

The chemicals that cause leaves to change color in fall

Every year, the arrival of fall heralds one of nature's most magnificent transformations.
And while many will witness the green leaves of summer foliage transition into a vibrant spectrum of colors before falling from their trees, few will stop to ask why these color changes occur in the first place. » 10/14/11 8:14am 10/14/11 8:14am