Giles Gets Stab-Happy With A Scapel In New Repo Stills

Repo! The Generic Opera gives Buffy's Anthony Head a real chance to open up — open up other people and confiscate the organs they can no longer afford, that is. Click through and check out pictures of Head gleefully preparing his next victim and donning the Repo mask, plus a closer look at his goth kid Shilo Wallace… » 7/16/08 8:40am 7/16/08 8:40am

Giles Sings, Dances, Slices Your Borrowed Organs Out

In the future, organ failure is as common as a cold, and the huge company GeneCo has a monopoly on supplying humans with much needed organ replacements. But there's a catch: The minute you miss a payment on your new organ, GeneCo sends someone to cut the organs back out. Anthony Head (Giles from Buffy) plays the… » 6/27/08 8:40am 6/27/08 8:40am