Anthony Mackie reveals Marvel's high-flying plans for The Falcon in …

Very little is known plotwise about Captain America's sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But we do know that Steve Rogers will be interacting with a handful of classic Captain America characters, such as Bucky Barnes and the Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie. In a recent interview with AICN, Mackie revealed… » 1/14/13 8:00am 1/14/13 8:00am

Anthony Mackie will play Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Last week at Comic-Con, Marvel announced the official title for the second Captain America film: Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And hot on the heels of this announcement comes another Marvel bombshell — The Falcon will be joining Steve Rogers on his adventure, potentially played by The Hurt Locker's Anthony… » 7/17/12 7:25am 7/17/12 7:25am

The makers of Real Steel explain why robot boxing really is the future!

Real Steel takes a quirky Richard Matheson story about robot boxing and turns it into a thrilling tale of robots beating each other to scrap metal. We caught up with the stars and creative team behind this film, and they explained how they went about creating a world nine years into the future. » 10/06/11 2:40pm 10/06/11 2:40pm