Chobani Issues Non-Apology For Ridiculous Anti-Science Campaign

Chobani – maker of garbage yogurt – faced considerable backlash this week over a slogan, printed on the lids of its 100-calorie "Simply 100" yogurt cups, which read: "Nature got us to 100 calories, not scientists. #howmatters." The company has since discontinued the campaign, and issued a weirdly backhanded apology. »6/07/14 1:20pm6/07/14 1:20pm


Will the anti-science Republicans kill conservatism as Americans know it?

With a few notable exceptions, most of the contenders for the seat of Republican presidential candidate are outspoken critics of science. They and their supporters refuse to acknowledge the reality of climate change, want science teachers to tell students that human life was created by a spiritual force from beyond… »8/31/11 12:00pm8/31/11 12:00pm