The 5 Most Unpleasant And Undignified Ways To Die In Ancient Times

Antiquity was the pits. For every advancement in philosophy or mathematics, you had half a dozen crazed aristocrats high on mercury potions trying to remove your limbs in bold new ways. Here are five particularly egregious ways to kick it centuries ago — they involve (among many things) honey, wine, eels, and… »9/06/12 1:20pm9/06/12 1:20pm

Who created these huge, mysterious wheel patterns in the Mideast thousands of years ago?

Called geoglyphs, these strange circular patterns etched into the rocky sands from Saudi Arabia to Syria have no known meaning or origin. Though archaeologists say they likely date back over 2,000 years, there are no records of who made them, nor why they would make such elaborate patterns that can only be… »9/15/11 5:46pm9/15/11 5:46pm

Help decode ancient Egyptian texts by playing a puzzle game

Want to help transcribe ancient Greek texts from the comfort of your couch? Have no understanding of the Greek language? That's ok! With Egypt Exploration Society and Oxford University's Ancient Lives project, you can contribute to the work of researchers who are digitizing — and eventually decoding — the vast… »8/30/11 2:17pm8/30/11 2:17pm