Some Intriguing New Hints About What Ant Consciousness Is Really Like

They build cities. They farm. They make war. Ants do a lot of things that seem uncannily human — and yet they’re profoundly alien, part of a hive mind called a social organism. What does that feel like to each individual ant? Now a new scientific paper suggests that there is always doubt in the hive mind. »6/12/15 9:29pm6/12/15 9:29pm


Can We All Agree That Ants Are Just The Awesomest?

KQED’s excellent science series Deep Look (previously here, here, and here—can you tell we’re fans?) just kicked off a new run of videos with an episode about how ants use leaves to harvest fungus. Which, sure, fungus harvesting is fascinating in its own right, but wait until you find out what the ants are harvesting… »6/12/15 8:35pm6/12/15 8:35pm

Ants like to turn left when they're exploring new places.

Ants like to turn left when they're exploring new places. So like many creatures, ants exhibit behavioral lateralization, in which directional biases are built-in. Researchers aren't sure why ants prefer left, but turning in one evolutionary agreed-upon direction may help them search and exit maze-like spaces, or… »12/29/14 6:40pm12/29/14 6:40pm