Help Apex Book Company expand the global distribution of their dark…

Want to support indie publishing in the age of book mega-corporations? Of course you do, especially if that means you'll get more edgy horror, philosophical science fiction, and unusual books you'd never see if every publishing imprint were owned by the same company. That's why we're excited that indie publisher … » 7/12/11 7:25am 7/12/11 7:25am

When should an author leave out his/her politics from a story?

Joyce Carol Oates' story about twin brothers caused some consternation, because the "demon" brother is identified as a conservative politician. So when should authors leave their politics out of a story? Apex's Michael A. Burstein has a well-thought-out response. » 8/25/10 3:44pm 8/25/10 3:44pm

Is This The Greatest Job Ever?

Who wouldn't want the responsibility of deciding what kind of science fiction filth feeds the hungry minds of today's youth? That's what I want to know. Apex Book Company - which claims to be the place "Where Science Fiction And Horror Collide" - is looking for two brave souls to sort through submissions for their… » 8/01/08 3:30pm 8/01/08 3:30pm