Why Spanish Fly only works on men. And is deadly.

Spanish Fly is an aphrodisiac that you've probably heard of from frat house sex comedies of the 1980s. Supposedly it could be slipped into a drink to make ladies hot. It turns out it is not just a legend. This aphrodisiac does exist, but it only makes gentlemen (physically) hot. And it would also probably kill them. » 2/11/13 10:11am 2/11/13 10:11am

The Chemicals of Love – Five Ways Science Helps You Get Turned On

Humans have been trying to find a chemical shortcut to love (or just lust) for thousands of years. But has anyone proven that aphrodisiacs work? Yes! Today, we give you five scientifically-verified substances that get you ready for love. » 2/10/10 12:15pm 2/10/10 12:15pm

Watch Out For Sex-Rays And Perverted Parasites (NSFW)

The intercom in Mr. Haywood's office has the power to turn a corporate shark into a ravening sex-beast at the flick of a button, in The Ultimate Attraction. Scifi is full of devices that can crank up anyone's sex drive to 150 percent, including sex-rays, drugs and alien organisms. Click through for our roundup of the… » 2/27/08 1:40pm 2/27/08 1:40pm