The Undead Heroine Of This Webcomic Western Must Cause The Apocalypse

Two of our favorite webcomic creators, Anthony Clark of Nedroid and KC Green of Gunshow, have teamed up to bring us a hilariously absurd, apocalyptic fantasy western. It all starts when a gunslinger is raised from the dead and told she has to bring about the end of the world, and only gets stranger from there. »11/19/14 11:00am11/19/14 11:00am


When the world is ending, the only thing to do is make slapstick movies

We're all obsessed with the end of the world lately — but at last, John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey have broken that anxiety down into three distinct stages. They're putting out collections of pre-apocalyptic, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction. And you can read my story from the pre-apocalyptic volume now. »3/04/14 4:47pm3/04/14 4:47pm

The Beautiful Land is a great love story disguised as a thriller

Don't read Alan Averill's The Beautiful Land expecting a plot-driven thriller with a ticking bomb and an evil conspiracy. The book offers those things, but they're not the best part. Instead, the heart of this book is a relationship story about a man and a woman, facing the end of the multiverse. Spoilers ahead... »6/20/13 6:30pm6/20/13 6:30pm

Support Mary Anne Mohanraj's apocalyptic erotic science fiction novel in stories, Demi Monde

Mary Anne Mohanraj has established an impressive career as a literary author, with her book Bodies in Motion, but she's also well known as a science fiction and erotica writer. And now she's combining both science fiction and erotica, in a project that needs your support. Mohanraj, who co-founded the ezine Strange… »10/11/11 5:30pm10/11/11 5:30pm

The Museum of Self-Archaeology takes visitors into an underground world of abandoned train stations

Hidden away deep beneath the bustling city of Antwerp is a shadowy, quiet, and forgotten world. Unused for over thirty years, a vast web of interconnected and abandoned metro stations has ceased to exist in its capacity as a means for public transportation, transforming instead into a desolate extension of Antwerp's… »8/25/11 3:36pm8/25/11 3:36pm

When A Nuclear Holocaust Wrecks Civilization, It's Important To Be A Nipple Connoisseur

Three great moments from 1985's post-apocalyptic Def-Con 4: Three astronauts watch a nuclear holocaust claim the entire world. A post-apocalyptic survivalist demands to know, in great detail, about the female astronauts nipples. And a teenager whips slaves dragging a space-capsule. »10/15/09 10:04pm10/15/09 10:04pm