How The Apparition Turned Draco Malfoy Into a Paranormal Investigator

There are two reasons to be excited about The Apparition, the horror movie that comes out tomorrow: 1) Tom Felton playing a paranormal investigator type. 2) It's got a college science experiment gone wrong, that unleashes some horrible supernatural presence that grows stronger the more people believe in it. If you… »8/23/12 6:23pm8/23/12 6:23pm

New clips from The Apparition show what happens when you believe in ghosts

We love a beast that feeds on fear — such a premise channels the best of Freddy Kruger with a dash of Tinkerbell. And in the new ghost movie The Apparition, a cast full of sexy teens — including a ghost-hunting Tom Felton and Bucky from Captain America (Sebastian Stan) — unleash a spirit from a science experiment… »8/23/12 10:05am8/23/12 10:05am

The All-Out Supernatural Cheese Rampage We've All Been Waiting For

The first trailer for The Apparition looks so relentlessly cheesetastic, we can hardly stand it. This movie has everything: feckless scientific researchers who set out to prove that you can summon supernatural entities with the power of the mind, a monster that is sort of like a virus and sort of like a ghost, and a… »5/25/12 3:12pm5/25/12 3:12pm

Which Underdog Movie Could Be This Summer's Sleeper Hit?

Every summer, there's at least one smaller movie that breaks out of the pack. A film that's not based on a huge comic book or toy franchise, with a budget under $100 million. Even though summer is supposed to belong to the big superhero and toy movies, there's always at least one upstart that surprises everybody. A … »5/04/12 4:40pm5/04/12 4:40pm

33 Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies that Could Rock Your Summer

This year's summer movies just won't let up. There's Joss Whedon's Avengers, Chris Nolan's third Batman film, and Ridley Scott's long-awaited return to space horror. Plus maybe a dozen other movies that look like they could be totally fantastic. Here's our complete list of 32 movies coming out between now and… »4/23/12 5:13pm4/23/12 5:13pm