United Nations Of Bears Is Undeniably Creepy

These are the "Buddy Bears," a series of hand-painted bears representing each of the countries in the United Nations. Each bear was painted by an artist from the country it represents. And they're supposed to express a wish for peace... except they're kind of disturbing. » 4/30/14 5:26pm 4/30/14 5:26pm

Did China's one-child policy actually reduce population growth?

China made huge headlines late last month when it decided to ease its famous "one-child policy" after more than three decades. The policy, requring most couples to have only one child, stands as one of the most famous social experiments of the past century. But how successful was it? » 1/29/14 12:09pm 1/29/14 12:09pm

12 Real Life Inventions That Science Fiction is Neglecting at its Peril

Science fiction has always commented on the present, and today's present is very science-fictional. All around, we see inventions that could transform the world within a decade or two. So why don't more science fiction writers speculate about them? Here are 12 real-life developments science fiction should be… » 12/03/13 10:38am 12/03/13 10:38am

Comic-Con Wrap Up: The Shiniest Things We Saw in San Diego!

Going to San Diego Comic-Con is like stepping into an alternate universe, where superheroes and monsters are everywhere. We witnessed enough brilliance in five days to keep us psyched for the next few months. Here's our complete guide to the shiniest things we saw at Comic-Con 2013. » 7/24/13 6:20pm 7/24/13 6:20pm

The Rules of Good Nutrition (That Absolutely Everybody Agrees On)

Fewer things can generate more controversy and disagreement than discussions about food and nutrition. It often seems that people will never reach any kind of consensus on what we should and shouldn't eat. But there may actually be a few exceptions to this. Here are 10 nutrition facts that everyone actually agrees on… » 4/03/13 4:20pm 4/03/13 4:20pm

Giving Away Toys Can Get You Toys, Thanks to Geeks for Tots

They say the Holidays are all about friends and family, but that's a hard thing to remember if you're a kid with nothing to open on Christmas morning. Toys matter, which is why donating to Toys for Tots to help families in need give their kids presents is such a great thing to do (especially now, after Hurrican… » 12/07/12 12:15pm 12/07/12 12:15pm

Dark Knight art appears to rip the floor out of an Australian mall

An artist created this incredible 3D chalk art for the Dark Knight Rises film in a mall in Sydney, Australia. It looks like the glowing bat symbol has eaten away the floor and the entire shopping center is crumbling into the Earth's superheated maw. Click to enlarge! » 11/28/12 10:05am 11/28/12 10:05am

Window washers dress as superheroes to cheer up sick kids

From the department of people using superheroes to be real heroes: A crew of window washers from American National Skyline dressed as superheroes while cleaning the windows at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., last week. As they scraped off the grime, they revealed the smiles of the young patients… » 10/21/12 2:00pm 10/21/12 2:00pm

Eight years after the Athens Olympics, some venues have been left to rot

The Greek embassy estimated that it cost Greece €8.954 billion to host the Summer Olympic Games in 2004, including the construction of the Olympic Village and several shiny new athletic venues. Since then, though, some of those venues have been abandoned, making one Olympic legacy a set of decaying structures. » 8/04/12 5:00pm 8/04/12 5:00pm

What Science Can Tell us About James Holmes’s Brain

As humans, it's only natural for us to search for explanations in the face of senseless violence. So it's no surprise that people have floated many weird and offensive theories to explain the tragic shootings late last week at a movie theatre in Colorado, that left 12 people dead and dozens more injured. » 7/25/12 12:05pm 7/25/12 12:05pm

At long last, MRSA seems to be on the decline

We've been hearing terrifying stories about MRSA for years. Ask anybody in the health care industry, and they'll tell you MRSA is a source of great trepidation. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is incredibly hard to kill, and thanks to its toughness against antibiotics, it tends to spread like wildfire in… » 7/05/12 3:20pm 7/05/12 3:20pm

10 Weirdest Ways That Ancient Rulers Died

One of the most shocking things about Game of Thrones is the brutal and often bizarre ways that the nobles and princes kick the bucket — but George R.R. Martin's horrifying story is pretty close to historical realism. Many historical leaders snuffed it in bizarre, insane ways, from being smothered by coats to, yes,… » 5/31/12 10:00am 5/31/12 10:00am

Smurfs Are Sexist Nazis, Says Worried French Sociologist

In deconstructing the culture and lifestyle habits of the Smurfs ("les schtroumpfs"), French sociologist Antoine Buéno depicts the little blue creatures as racist, sexist, anti-Semitic "archetype[s] of totalitarian society imbued with Stalinism and Nazism." Now friends and fans of the Smurfs are so mad at him. » 6/05/11 11:05am 6/05/11 11:05am

First video from the UK's Batman Stage Show: Turn On The Camp!

In the wake of the Spider-Man musical's total disaster, somehow the Batman Live Arena Tour has gotten a free pass. But just check out these photos. Nothing good can come of a stage show with Schumacher undertones. Or can it? » 4/12/11 1:24pm 4/12/11 1:24pm