The Alternative Universe Of Soviet Arcade Games

When you walk into the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games in St. Petersburg, the first thing you’ll see is a series of gray, hard-edged soda machines from the early 1980s. If you choose the one in the middle, it will dispense a tarragon-flavored and slightly fermented soda whose recipe relies on a syrup that has not been… »9/06/15 6:30pm9/06/15 6:30pm


Forgotten arcade games let you shoot space men and catch live lobsters

Classic arcade games conjure up images of Joust, pinball, and Pac-Man, but pay-to-play games predate the video game cabinet, and some tested more than your hand-eye coordination. From machines that tested your lung capacity to claw machines with live lobsters, here are a few largely forgotten arcade games. »6/15/13 7:00pm6/15/13 7:00pm

"Dark Warrior epilepsy," a ridiculously rare medical condition named after an arcade game

Back when Pokémon were just a seizure-inducing flicker in Nintendo's eye, there was "Dark Warrior epilepsy," a form of epilepsy that was only reported once in the history of medicine. Nonetheless, this malady is responsible for one of the strangest paragraphs ever to grace a medical journal. »5/03/12 8:50pm5/03/12 8:50pm