The Reign of Archie Continues as Adam McKay Takes the Comic to Broadway

Not content with a new TV series on the CW, a newly redesigned and shockingly excellent comic relaunch, fighting zombies, Predators and Sharknados, and all the other ways he and his Riverdale pals are conquering the entertainment world, Archie will also get a Broadway musical with help from Anchorman’s Adam McKay. »8/06/15 10:35am8/06/15 10:35am

All The Comics You Absolutely Gotta Grab This Free Comic Book Day

Are you ready for some free comics? I certainly hope so, since May 2nd is Free Comic Book Day all across the country. There are dozens and dozens of offerings, but we know exactly which ones you need to make sure you pick up tomorrow. One warning: Once you read these, the chances of you wanting to buy more comics is… »5/01/15 3:00pm5/01/15 3:00pm

A University of Calgary professor has written "the first scholarly study of the Archie comic,&q

A University of Calgary professor has written "the first scholarly study of the Archie comic," titled Twelve-Cent Archie. Though some of his colleagues were skeptical, his motivation, Bart Beaty explains, was "to really challenge the kind of snobbery that's inherent in the way that comics aren't studied." »3/22/15 2:00pm3/22/15 2:00pm

Look At These Archie Vs. Predator Comic Covers And Weep At Their Glory

When we listed Archie Vs. Predator as one of 2015's most anticipated comics, that was before we say these two amazing comic covers. Now? Now we're going to have to hunt them down like the Predator hunted Dutch and his fellow soldiers, meaning these comics will have to bury themselves in mud to hide from our sight. »1/13/15 5:00pm1/13/15 5:00pm

What if superpowers were a sexually transmitted disease… and fatal?

The characters of Titan's new comic Death Sentence are not heroes. They’re normal people who had unprotected sex, received superpowers, and will die in six months — and that’s the fantastic premise of Death Sentence #1, which you need to check out. Plus zombies attack Riverdale, The Walking Dead goes to war and more… »10/08/13 7:20pm10/08/13 7:20pm

Science Fiction Sunday School Comics From The 1970s Were Trippy As Balls

In the 1970s, Archie and Marvel Comics artist Al Hartley — who became a born-again Christian the previous decade — began writing and illustrating religious comics. Some of these evangelical funny books starred Jughead discovering Jesus, whereas others were space operas about Space Satan and his tricked-out UFO. »8/22/12 5:40pm8/22/12 5:40pm