Italian neuroscientists launch a "telepathy" advertising firm

It was only a matter of time before neuromarketing and psychographics got together and spawned this insane business idea. Telepathy Advertising promises to deliver ads right to your mind. » 6/18/13 2:27pm 6/18/13 2:27pm

Watch the secret J.J. Abrams video hidden inside Portal 2

We've seen J.J. Abrams' mysterious midnight monster train explode from multiple angles. But what about from inside the train? Hidden in Portal 2's video game extras is some CG footage from inside the monster's train ride. Watch it now. » 4/19/11 10:42am 4/19/11 10:42am

Super 8 viral video unravels the secrets of J.J. Abrams' strange new…

Slowly but surely, the details behind J.J. Abrams' mysterious new movie Super 8 are leaking out. We were sent an exclusive Super 8 viral clip, which we've managed to splice together with a few other clips. » 4/14/11 1:56pm 4/14/11 1:56pm

Completely crowd financed film The Tunnel could be better than The…

We're absolute sluts for underground monsters and cave dwellers. So when we found out about The Tunnel (a mockumentary type movie) we were interested. But when we discovered how this horror movie was financing their production - we were invested! » 12/09/10 5:07pm 12/09/10 5:07pm

Bradley Cooper hawks the pill that will let you access 100% of your…

How did we miss this amazing film? Watch the viral for Limitless, a movie about a copywriter who discovers a top-secret drug which bestows him with super human abilities. But with a few small side effects - like death. » 12/09/10 3:27pm 12/09/10 3:27pm

Scenes from a 3-D, augmented reality metropolis

Keiichi Matsuda creates incredible short films that depict an augmented reality city where synthetic information clouds are grafted onto brick'n'mortar material spaces. Here are two of his futureshock videos. » 9/05/10 9:10am 9/05/10 9:10am

Get ready for the Greater Korean Republic's 2025 US invasion

We were sent a propaganda pamphlet help us get ready for Korea's eventual U.S. invasion. According to these documents, we were asking for it, after the "dual crises of peak oil and the global economic meltdown of 2012-2025." » 6/09/10 7:00am 6/09/10 7:00am

Secret Project Underway To Halt Global Warming With Geoengineering

A whistleblower has just reported on a secret organization in Australia called Bluebird, which is a heavily-funded geoengineering project to stop global warming. Now you can join the fracas by participating in the cool eco-thriller game called Bluebird. » 5/03/10 2:44pm 5/03/10 2:44pm

New Tron Legacy Picture Looks Like The Cyber-Rapture

Here's the big reveal from Tron Legacy's viral ad, which led fans on a mad chase through different arcades all over the world. Here we see a unitard-clad program doing his best "Head Towards The Light, Carol Anne" impression. » 2/25/10 7:00am 2/25/10 7:00am

The Truth Behind Ditch The Tech

Wondering how the DitchTheTech ARG will tie in with Dollhouse's final episodes? It won't. Turns out the whole ARG isn't officially connected to Dollhouse at all, but instead an impressive piece of fan activism. So, no apocalyptic finale? Shame. [Whedonesque] » 11/27/09 11:30am 11/27/09 11:30am

Fake Surrogates News Reel Explains The Rebirth Of Humanity

There's nothing more wonderful than a movie's fake explanatory news reel. Dark Knight brought us the tabloid Wayne family tell all, and now Surrogates is building the robot backstory with its own news machine. » 9/24/09 10:11am 9/24/09 10:11am

The Next Piece To Your 9 Puzzle Is Here

Can you uncover the mystery behind their new viral site for the apocalyptic movie 9? We've got an exclusive piece of the puzzle, to help you uncover what the rag-doll people are trying to tell you. Check it out below. » 7/27/09 12:36pm 7/27/09 12:36pm

First Tron 2 Viral: Flynn Lives

It was only a matter of time before Disney started busting out the ARG's for the super-buzzed-about sequel Tron 2. After scattering the globe with Flynn's Arcade tokens they've now launched a conspiracy theorist site: what really happened to Flynn? » 7/21/09 2:49pm 7/21/09 2:49pm

See The Violent And Unpredictable Aliens Of District 9

District's 9 anti-alien viral campaign is underway, showing you the many skills the movie's illegal aliens can use against the humans. Check out the full gallery of alien smackdowns, and remember: Do not attempt to apprehend a District 9 resident. » 6/24/09 10:39am 6/24/09 10:39am

Vampires Are Not Real And Blood Copy Is Not a Real Blog

Over the next few weeks, you will see posts showing up on io9 that look like crossposts from a Gawker Media blog called Blood Copy. These are not real posts. They are sponsored ads that are part of an alternate reality game (ARG) created by the True Blood marketing team. » 5/27/09 12:51pm 5/27/09 12:51pm

A Tiny GPS Tracking Device That You Can Swallow

Want to track your boyfriend's every movement? Just slip this GPS tracker into his breakfast, and it will stay in his system for 72 hours - while you track him online. And there's more. » 4/08/09 1:30pm 4/08/09 1:30pm

Diving Into the Wreck of Copenhagen's Metro System

Global warming has flooded the tunnels of the Christianshavn part of the Copenhagen metro network. Now the metro is occupied by whales and the occasional diver. Other strange things are happening to Copenhagen too. » 4/06/09 8:30am 4/06/09 8:30am

Red Dwarf Crashes Into The Internet

Brit-com Red Dwarf's return isn't just happening on television; a new ARG based on the show's three-part reunion special has launched, giving you the chance to track down your favorite smegheads for yourself. » 3/24/09 10:30am 3/24/09 10:30am

A Strange New Dance-Related Conspiracy Game About the Apocalypse

Have you ever been walking around in your city, and seen somebody in a mask suddenly start dancing? Or perhaps a whole group of people? No, it's not alien mind control - it's actually people being controlled by a vast online conspiracy. They're participating in an alternate reality game called Top Secret Dance Off,… » 3/12/09 11:15am 3/12/09 11:15am

Get Lost With Ajira Airlines

The return of Lost means a brand new mysterious website that may have deeper meaning... or may just be a waste of time. Are you ready to fly the friendly skies with Ajira Airlines? » 1/20/09 12:30pm 1/20/09 12:30pm