There are a lot of critics of NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission

NASA has been working on a mission to redirect a near-Earth asteroid to a stable orbit around the moon, where astronauts will travel and return with samples. The Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) is touted as part of the path to landing people on Mars. But there are a lot of critics of the mission. » 8/07/14 2:15pm 8/07/14 2:15pm

Carnotaurus had the most ridiculously weak dinosaur arms ever

The image of the hulking T. rex and its comically undersized arms is deeply ingrained in pop culture, but it isn't really fair. They were muscular little appendages well-suited to their evolutionary purpose. The wimpy-armed Carnotaurus is another story entirely. » 9/25/11 11:30am 9/25/11 11:30am

Japanese Masturbation Bot Takes Top Prize

A Japanese robot arm that can pick up 120 items per minute off of a moving conveyor belt took top prize at Japan's Robot of the Year awards yesterday, swishing its arm back and forth in a gesture we think we may have seen before. The robo-arm analyzes items before snatching them up and depositing them into paper bags.… » 12/27/07 2:30pm 12/27/07 2:30pm