Scientists Make Bricks With Sludge Filtered From Arsenic-Laced Water

Arsenic-contaminated water is a massive problem in the developing world. But, even when you filter it out, the toxic sludge that the process produces often gets dumped right back into the water supply. It's tough to dream up a use for arsenic soup, but one research team finally has: They're making bricks out of it. » 3/31/14 5:32pm 3/31/14 5:32pm

NASA's arsenic-life findings debunked in two just-published studies

In 2010, NASA called a press conference to make one of the biggest announcements in scientific history: researchers had discovered an unusually hardy bacterium that could not only tolerate exposure to arsenic, but actually incorporate the poisonous element into its DNA. The team's findings, if correct, would have gone… » 7/09/12 7:15am 7/09/12 7:15am

New study is very bad news for arsenic-based life

In late 2010, NASA scientists announced the discovery of microbes in California's Mono Lake that used arsenic instead of phosphorus in their DNA. The study quickly came under intense criticism — and now we may be about to refute it entirely. » 1/23/12 9:36am 1/23/12 9:36am