You're Using Neural Networks Every Day Online—Here's How They Work

If you use Google’s new Photos app, Microsoft’s Cortana, or Skype’s new translation function, you’re using a form of AI on a daily basis. AI was first dreamed up in the 1950s, but has only recently become a practical reality — all thanks to software systems called neural networks. This is how they work. »7/13/15 2:03pm7/13/15 2:03pm


Scientists teach cute lil' robot to wash chalkboards and windows

Researchers at the Italian Institute of Technology and Tokyo City University have taught a tiny humanoid robot to clean flat surfaces. The study is helmed by IIT's Dr. Petar Kormushev, who previously taught a disarmingly adorable robot to shoot a bull's eye with a bow and arrow all by itself. As you can see, the… »2/16/11 2:47pm2/16/11 2:47pm