Jack White's New ULTRA LP Generates A Hologram When It Spins

Former White Stripes frontman Jack White is going all out on his upcoming album. The vinyl version of Lazaretto contains a number of unprecedented features, including two different intros for the same song and the appearance of a holographic angel while it spins. » 5/07/14 6:20am 5/07/14 6:20am

Woman Develops Remarkable Ability To Draw After Suffering Brain Injury

Two years ago, Pip Taylor suffered serious bruising to her brain after tripping and cracking her head on a flight of stairs — an injury that now appears to have endowed her with an incredible ability to draw. » 3/19/14 7:20am 3/19/14 7:20am

Beefcake superhero tarot card collection gives us the sexy Anakin we…

Finally some creative superhero art that combines tarot cards, geeky heroes and bulgy tights. It's like a mystical beefcake calendar (with a little hero-on-hero action) in tarot card form! Enjoy. Maybe a little NSFW. » 12/30/10 11:00am 12/30/10 11:00am

Artists redesign Darth Vader with only George Lucas' original script as…

What if you redesigned Darth Vader, but you only had a few sentences of description from the script to go on? Artist Carlos Villagra (and a few others) tried. Here's what they dreamed the Dark Lord could have looked like. » 12/27/10 12:57pm 12/27/10 12:57pm

Weirdest and Most Inventive Holiday Greetings of the Season

2010 has set the bar pretty high for holiday-themed art. And now it's our turn to share that joy with you. Here's a collection of the best and the freakiest holiday cards, prints and illustrations. From stuffed Rudolph to Bigfoot. » 12/23/10 1:03pm 12/23/10 1:03pm

What's the difference between being a concept artist and drawing comics?

The best concept art tells a story, all by itself. But what's the difference between creating concept art for movies, versus drawing comics or illustrating books? We asked some of our favorite concept artists, and here's what they said. » 6/15/10 2:30pm 6/15/10 2:30pm

Giant Robots Always Have The Right Of Way On Any City Street

I utterly love Monstertree's image of a robot preparing to terrorize a Japanese city. It's just one of the great images people have posted in ConceptArt.org's robot-art challenge. Click through to see another favorite. » 5/19/09 8:30am 5/19/09 8:30am

The Mightiest Superheroes Who Are Also Great Artists

Click to view » 9/02/08 12:08pm 9/02/08 12:08pmLast night marked the season finale of , which means we will have to bid a fond farewell to our favorite abstract impressionist/superhero-in-training, for the time being. But Wendy Watson isn't the first visual artist to battle mad scientists, alien threats, and the occasional paranormal terror. In honor…

Trippy Re-Interpretations of Stan Lee's Comic Book Characters at Art…

Click to view io9 took a spin through Gallery 1988 and Golden Apple Comics last night in Los Angeles as artists like Ruben Rude, Travis Lampe, Brandon Bird, Patrick Gannon, Misha, Angry Woebots, Jeff McMillan, Sarah Coleman and Daniel Danger paid tribute to Stan "The Man" Lee through reinterpretations of some of his… » 1/09/08 12:00pm 1/09/08 12:00pm