Drinking Can Help Boost Your Immune System, And Other Wellness Fun Facts

Does chicken soup really have healing powers? Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? And what's so special about garlic, anyway? This short video from AsapSCIENCE breaks down the science behind sick remedies that work (and don't). » 2/07/15 11:08am 2/07/15 11:08am

Why Your Farts Smell Okay And Everybody Else's Farts Stink

Finally, AsapScience gets to the scientific questions I want to know! Namely, why people find the odor of their own farts more tolerable than other people's. As it turns out, we should be focusing on why we find other people's farts so noxious, not why ours smell okay. » 11/10/14 6:54am 11/10/14 6:54am

What Does MDMA Do To Your Brain?

In the latest episode of AsapSCIENCE, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown look at the neuroscience of 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methyl amphetamine (better known as MDMA) and its oft-adulterated surrogate, ecstasy. » 10/16/14 8:50am 10/16/14 8:50am

This Is Your Brain On Coffee

The latest episode from Mitchell Moffat and Gregory Brown of AsapSCIENCE is on the brain-boosting effects of coffee and the mechanisms of caffeine addiction. Plus, Moffatt and Brown take a crack at the age old question (no, not that one): how much caffeine is too much? » 8/28/14 7:00pm 8/28/14 7:00pm

These Auditory Illusions Are Absolutely Bewildering

The latest installment of AsapSCIENCE opens with a demonstration of the McGurk Effect, a powerful auditory illusion that demonstrates how what we see influences what we hear. But even more baffling is the Shepard tone illusion – a sort of sonic barber's pole that seems to continually ascend in pitch, without actually… » 5/29/14 4:16pm 5/29/14 4:16pm

Does sex affect your athletic performance?

It's no mystery at this point that the Olympic Village is the epicenter of world-caliber hard-body-on-hard-body action – but does all that next-level sex have a negative (or positive) impact on athletic performance? » 2/15/14 2:30pm 2/15/14 2:30pm

Test how old your ears are with this hearing test

Ever wonder how your hearing compares to the average person your age? Give this hearing test by the folks at AsapSCIENCE a listen – then learn why you can (or can't) hear the frequencies being played in the video. » 8/14/13 1:53pm 8/14/13 1:53pm

Bill Nye explains how to stop an asteroid

Bill Nye teamed up with Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown of AsapSCIENCE to address one of the most pressing not-if-but-when questions in recent memory: how do we stop a major asteroid from colliding with Earth? » 7/24/13 7:20am 7/24/13 7:20am

Learn the Periodic Table of Elements with this handy song

Whether you need to brush up on your chemistry, or just love it when someone sets the Periodic Table to music, AsapSCIENCE's The NEW Periodic Table Song is for you. » 5/18/13 10:00am 5/18/13 10:00am

The science of male pattern baldness

The average human body is covered in millions of hair follicles, and follicle density is particular dense on the head. Whether those follicles are actively pushing out medulla, cortex and cuticle, however, is another story entirely. » 3/15/13 6:40am 3/15/13 6:40am

The science of porn addiction

Hey you. We see what you're looking at in that private browser window. Don't be ashamed. Everyone knows the internet was made for porn (well... porn, cats and social media, to be exact — and sometimes all three at once). Just remember to be careful out there — internet porn addiction may not be officially recognized… » 2/20/13 1:20pm 2/20/13 1:20pm

Thinking about being stronger can actually make you stronger

I only half paid attention to this new installment of ASAPscience about how the mind can affect genuine physical change in people, but I'm pretty it basically says I can stop actually exercising and just think about exercising. Basically. I'll let you guys know how that works out. » 1/22/13 7:20am 1/22/13 7:20am

Inside the Science of Getting Sauced

Raise your hand if you're drinking this weekend! Okay, that's a lot of hands. Now keep it raised if you understand how the beer/wine/cocktail/backwoods moonshine you'll be nursing actually gets the job done (the job being getting you drunk). » 11/21/12 6:40am 11/21/12 6:40am

The science of morning wood

Morning glory. The early riser. The ol' ante meridiem bedsheet tent-pitch. Nocturnal penile tumescence. Whatever you call it, much of society has experienced morning wood in some capacity — but why? How? How does it work? Don't pretend you're not curious. » 11/14/12 9:30am 11/14/12 9:30am

Why do humans blush?

Why do our faces go red and hot when we feel embarrassed, ashamed or guilty? No other species is known to do this, and yet most humans can recall experiencing something that made them blush at one time or another. » 10/23/12 8:50am 10/23/12 8:50am

A handy guide to lucid dreaming, with additional tips from Richard…

Anyone who's had one will tell you: lucid dreams are ridiculously, comically, and sometimes obscenely fun — but they're also notoriously difficult to experience. In their latest video, the folks at AsapSCIENCE serve up a series of quick, scientifically informed tips on how to experience nighttime reveries on your… » 10/11/12 9:30am 10/11/12 9:30am

The Science of Orgasms

Think you know orgasms? In the latest installment of asapSCIENCE, Mitchell Moffitt and Gregory Brown serve up a quick, but extensive, overview of the science behind la petite mort. » 9/06/12 3:30pm 9/06/12 3:30pm