Limited edition of Fahrenheit 451 was bound in asbestos so it wouldn't burn

In 1953, Ballantine released a limited edition run of Ray Bradbury's book-burning novel Fahrenheit 451 that might survive a visit from the firemen. Two hundred numbered and signed copies of the book were bound in Johns-Manville Quinterra, a chrysolite asbestos material. The copies are much sought after by collectors;… »3/03/13 12:00pm3/03/13 12:00pm


The sordid, bizarre history of asbestos goes all the way back to Emperor Charlemagne

Most of us know asbestos as 'that puffy stuff it cost a fortune to take out of the walls of public schools.' Yes, it's annoyingly toxic, but this substance also has a long and sometimes bizarre history that stretches back to the Dark Ages. See what all the fuss is about, and why the fuss has lasted so long. »8/26/11 6:00pm8/26/11 6:00pm