10 Science Fiction TV Spin-offs That Are Great in their Own Right

Soon enough, we're going to be watching spin-offs of The Vampire Diaries and Once Upon a Time, proving that too much of a good thing is never enough. Spin-offs often seem like pointless cash grabs — but there have been some fantastic exceptions. Here are 10 science fiction and fantasy spin-offs that actually rule. »7/11/13 12:02pm7/11/13 12:02pm


Michael Bay Promises Less Robot Stereotyping. Plus A Super 8 Poster And Your First Look At Alt-Astrid!

Today's spoilers include Neuromancer hints, a Transformers 3 promise, and a Super 8 poster. Is Twilight: Breaking Dawn in trouble? Meet Fringe's alt-Astrid. Plus Lost, Ghostbusters, X-Men, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Chuck, Smallville, V, True Blood and Ashes To Ashes spoilers. »5/12/10 9:00am5/12/10 9:00am