NASA Curiosity Scientist Ashwin Vasavada discusses human missions to Mars

Looking at photos of the surface of Mars as a kid, NASA scientist Ashwin Vasavada says he viewed Mars as exotic, but not that exotic. And when you think about it, that description makes a lot of sense; after all, Mars is likely to be the first planet in the galaxy (other than Earth, obviously) to host a human… »10/18/12 3:39pm10/18/12 3:39pm


Three Life-On-Mars scenarios, as described by NASA Curiosity Scientist Ashwin Vasavada

Is there (or was there ever) life on Mars? In this great little video — produced by the folks over at thinkrtv — Dr. Ashwin Vasvada, NASA's Deputy Project Scientist for the Mars Curiosity mission, presents three theories surrounding life on the Red Planet, and describes how rovers like Curiosity are helping us paint… »10/09/12 1:40pm10/09/12 1:40pm