The Great Phenol Plot is another reason to hate Thomas Edison

When does procuring ingredients for basic medicine make for a scandalous plot? When it can also be turned into an explosive. The Great Phenol plot is one of the biggest conspiracies that no one remembers. » 9/10/13 10:57am 9/10/13 10:57am

How over-the-counter painkillers could also help with social awkwardness

Imagine that the pain you feel from a physical injury and a bad social interaction aren't just metaphorically linked...they're actually two aspects of the exact same thing. So does that mean you could take aspirin to soothe your interpersonal pain? » 10/23/11 11:40am 10/23/11 11:40am

The scientific breakthrough that will turn cannabis into the new aspirin

Yesterday scientists announced that they'd discovered a way to harness the painkilling powers of the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, while eliminating the high. What this means is that a special, non-hallucinatory version of THC could become the new aspirin. » 4/04/11 8:00am 4/04/11 8:00am