Young Science Fiction Auteur Plans A Robot-Assassin Epic

Omar Naim, the Lebanese-American director who made his debut with 2004's demented necro-voyeurism film The Final Cut, is working on another science fiction movie, according to Production Weekly. The Old World tells the story of the last human assassin, in a world where all the other assassins are robots now. Here's… » 3/06/09 12:30pm 3/06/09 12:30pm

Did Angelina Jolie Kill The Wanted Sequel?

Click to view » 11/06/08 12:30pm 11/06/08 12:30pm screenwriter Chris Morgan is already working on the script for a sequel to the superpowered assassin movie, he tells MTV. And no, the lack of a second volume in Mark Millar's graphic novel series that the first movie was (loosely) based on doesn't pose any problem at all. The only real problem, it turns…