Meteorite discovered in Antarctica — what could go wrong?

The International Polar Foundation (IPF) has just posted a fantastic series of pictures of a joint Belgian-Japanese research team discovering a fairly hefty meteorite near their research camp. The meteorite is about 18 kg and was discovered in the Nansen Ice Field, 140 km south of Princess Elisabeth, a zero-emissions… »3/05/13 4:41pm3/05/13 4:41pm

What's the difference between a comet, asteroid, meteor, meteoroid and meteorite?

With all the recent buzz over asteroid AD14, the meteor over Chelyabinsk, the fragments of meteorite recovered in Russia's Ural mountains, and yesterday's news that the fireball originated from our solar system's asteroid belt, one can't help but wonder: what's the difference between all these -oids, -ors and -ites?… »2/27/13 12:40pm2/27/13 12:40pm