RIP Tura Satana, cult vixen and beautiful ass-kicker

Tura Satana, the shapely actress, exotic dancer, and martial artist known for her roles in Russ Meyers' cult classic Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and the grindhouse science fiction flick Astro Zombies, died last Friday of heart failure. Satana was famous for her burlesque-ready frame (link NSFW) — which won her many… »2/06/11 12:20pm2/06/11 12:20pm


The Solar-Powered Astro Zombie Turned Out to Be a Bad Idea

In this terrific little moment from Ted V. Mikels' classic everythingsploitation movie Astro Zombies, we get so much annum 1968 greatness that it's hard to encompass it all. A mad scientist has created a remote-controlled, solar-powered "astro zombie" in strange and boring detail (yes, there is a five-minute scene of… »4/17/08 10:24pm4/17/08 10:24pm