The Truth Behind The Million Dollar Space Pen Hoax

There's a famous legend that America spent millions on the development of a "Space Pen" that writes upside down, while the Russians used a pencil. Here's the truth behind the legend. » 3/27/15 9:30am Friday 9:30am

An Astronaut Tells Us The Hardest Part About Coping With Gravity Again

When you leave the bounds of Earth behind, you're also saying goodbye to gravity. So just what is it like to return from space and get gravity back all of sudden? Today, Astronaut Butch Wilmore, who until last week was stationed up on the International Space Station, stopped by to tell us all about it. » 3/19/15 4:20pm 3/19/15 4:20pm

Golden Sunshine Over Fog Gave Astronauts A Beautiful Homecoming

Expedition 42 to the International Space Station is officially over with the safe landing of Barry "Butch" Wilmore, Alexander Samokutyaev and Elena Serova in Kazakhstan. The decent featured a brief surge of drama when communications flickered out. » 3/12/15 12:19pm 3/12/15 12:19pm

Vintage Menu Recalls A Time When Pineapple Fruitcake Was Served In Space

Did you ever wonder about the methods and madness behind single-serving packets of soy sauce? Neither did we, until this fascinating feature, which takes a close look at their history; their contribution to making soy sauce America's third most popular condiment; and at packaging innovations so carefully considered… » 2/05/15 10:55am 2/05/15 10:55am

This Is How You Weigh Objects In Space

How do you weigh something that's weightless? No, it's not a koan. It's a scientific question that astronauts living or traveling in space need a concrete answer to, and this is how they get it. » 2/02/15 9:30am 2/02/15 9:30am

Obama Dreams of Space, But Where's the Money for a Mars Expedition?

During the State of the Union address, President Obama said stirring things about human spaceflight and the future. But these are the same dreams we've been talking about for years, and without more funding for NASA these dreams will fizzle instead of coming true. » 1/20/15 11:45pm 1/20/15 11:45pm

Relax In The Simple Beauty Of Our Planet In These Astronaut Photos

Space is so incredibly beautiful. This latest batch of photographs from Expedition 42 on the International Space Station is truly awe-inspiring, of both the Earth and the station. Sit back, relax, and marvel in the wonder of our home planet. » 12/15/14 4:04am 12/15/14 4:04am

A Freeze-Dried, Irradiated And Thermostabilized Thanksgiving Dinner

Astronauts on the space station get holiday feast, although the adjectives are less "juicy" and more "irradiated." The menu is irradiated smoked turkey, thermostabilized candied yams, freeze-dried green beans, mushrooms, and cornbread dressing, and a thermostabilized cherry-blueberry cobbler for dessert. » 11/27/14 6:40pm 11/27/14 6:40pm

An Outpost Nowhere Near The End Of The Universe

Expedition 42 has kicked off on the space station, and they're taking full advantage an an excuse to pay tribute to the Hitchhiker's Guide answer to life, the universe, and everything. » 11/25/14 6:20am 11/25/14 6:20am

Astronauts' Perfect Landing Is Thwarted By A Gust Of Wind

It's time for a crew swap on the International Space Station. Astronauts Reid Wiseman, Alexander Gerst, and Max Suraev had a flawless descent in the Soyuz spacecraft only to have their homecoming was marred by below-freezing temperatures and a sharp gust of wind tipping their capsule over after landing. » 11/11/14 2:56am 11/11/14 2:56am

Astronauts Playing Hide-and-Seek On The Station Is Adorable

An astronaut popping up like a curious meerkat from within his International Space Station nest is my new favourite photograph. A close runner-up is the Milky Way spilling into the sky over yellow Sahara sands. » 10/15/14 4:29am 10/15/14 4:29am

In Space, Even Changing A Lightbulb Is Awesome

Always-eager astronauts Alexander Gerst and Reid Wiseman completed their first-ever spacewalks today, scrambling around the outside of the International Space Station. They completed their official objectives, but the beautiful part of today was their unadulterated happiness in their work. » 10/08/14 3:27am 10/08/14 3:27am

Future Astronauts Might Walk, Not Hop, On The Moon

Why do astronauts hop on the moon? After carefully watching hapless volunteers use a treadmill under variable gravity, researchers think it had more to do with the stiffness of spacesuits than anything else. » 10/06/14 11:38am 10/06/14 11:38am

The Colbert Report Honors Sally Ride, America's First Woman In Space

Sally Ride, America's first female astronaut, passed away a little over two years ago. This past Thursday, Lynn Sherr – Ride's friend, and author of the recently published biography on the late astronaut – stopped by the Colbert Report to talk about Ride's role as a feminist, scientist, and role model. » 10/05/14 1:40pm 10/05/14 1:40pm

Life On The Space Station Is A Surreal Astronaut Buddy-Movie

Astronauts Reid Wiseman and Alex Gerst continue enacting the real-life space buddy-movie we never knew we always wanted. From sticking a video camera inside a water bubble in microgravity to carefully measuring out their living quarters, they supply a steady stream of surreal reality from the space station. » 10/01/14 1:31pm 10/01/14 1:31pm

Astronauts Arrive Safely At Station Despite Minor Spacecraft Malfunction

Despite a glitch with a solar array failing to deploy on Soyuz, three more astronauts arrived at the International Space Station on Thursday. Mission 41 is officially underway now that the station crew is back up to six people. The station is also once again at maximum capacity with five docked spacecraft. » 9/26/14 1:21pm 9/26/14 1:21pm

A 5-Year-Old Worries Voyager Will Get Lonely, Receives Best Answer Ever

This is, hands down, the sweetest thing you'll hear today. A five-year-old named Timor from British Columbia has been having trouble sleeping because he worries about the Voyager space probe. Won't it get lonely? What if it crashes? So the CBC arranged for him to get some reassurance. » 9/25/14 2:40pm 9/25/14 2:40pm

What's Happening With Crew Transport To The Space Station?

Today NASA announced new commercial partners to take over crew-transport to the International Space Station. Following in the wake of Russia playing hardball with astronaut training in Crimea, human spaceflight launches will finally be returning to the United States by 2017. » 9/16/14 3:58pm 9/16/14 3:58pm

Astronauts Are Everywhere On The Off-Season

Is an astronaut still an astronaut when they aren't in space? This is a good week to contemplate the question, as they're swarming in, on, over, and under the Earth with landings, launches, caving expeditions, and even living under the sea. » 9/11/14 1:51pm 9/11/14 1:51pm