The 2002 Batman/Superman movie wouldn't have been the worst thing ever

Last week, we showed you the full script of Batman/Superman: Asylum, Warner Bros.' 2002 attempt to bring both DC superheroes to the same movie screen. Because the script is 1) really long and 2) oft illegible, here's a reasonably quick summary of the movie's plot, its strengths, its plotholes, and its weirdness. »9/02/13 11:30am9/02/13 11:30am

Surprisingly beautiful photographs of decaying cans of human remains

In a warehouse at the Oregon State Hospital (originally called the Oregon State Insane Asylum) contains an unusual library, one comprised not of books, but of copper canisters of unclaimed human remains. Photographer David Maisel has photographed what is left of the deteriorating portions of the asylum, as well as the… »6/08/13 2:00pm6/08/13 2:00pm

This abandoned sanatorium could be the real-life version of the one in American Horror Story

San Haven is a former tuberculosis sanatorium in the Turtle Mountains, right on the border between North Dakota and Manitoba. Built in the early twentieth century, the lush grounds and gorgeous buildings attracted patients and medical staff from all over the country into the region for decades — until the TB epidemic… »10/22/12 5:38pm10/22/12 5:38pm