Lovecraft sketch shows the author's vision for Mountains of Madness

Still trying to wrap your head around H.P. Lovecraft's mysterious Elder Things and collection monsters who lived below the ice of the Antarctic? Well, now you can see exactly what these mysterious beasts looked like from the author's point of view, thanks to a few pages of recently discovered doodles right out of… »9/03/13 11:30am9/03/13 11:30am

Guillermo del Toro explains what's up with GlaDOS in Pacific Rim. Plus another X-Men star wants to return!

Guillermo del Toro acknowledges a very familiar voice in the Pacific Rim trailer and updates us on two long-simmer projects. Rachel Weisz explains the delights of evil in Oz the Great and Powerful. Plus the latest Man of Steel image! And tons of hints for Evil Dead, Revolution and Once Upon a Time! »1/08/13 9:00am1/08/13 9:00am