The Extremest Extremophiles: Microbial oasis underneath Earth's driest desert could be great news for life on Mars

For the last twenty million years, Chile's Atacama Desert has been the driest, most inhospitable place on Earth. But deep below the surface of this unimaginably arid world, microbes are flourishing without even oxygen or sunlight. Meet the extremest extremophiles. »2/19/12 4:30pm2/19/12 4:30pm

What are the fossilized remains of more than 80 whales doing in the driest desert on Earth?

Situated more than half a mile from the ocean, atop a hill in Chile's notoriously arid Atacama desert, an international team of scientists has made an incredible discovery. Over 80 extraordinarily well-preserved whale and marine mammal fossils, many of them positioned just meters apart from one another, have been… »11/22/11 11:15am11/22/11 11:15am