Have we really found the God Particle? CERN physicists say don't believe the hype

The internet is beside itself with rumors that the long-sought Higgs Boson has been found — but a representative from one of the teams searching for the so-called "God Particle" says to chill the frak out. So what's going on here? Are researchers waiting for an international physics conference in July to make their… »6/20/12 2:43pm6/20/12 2:43pm

Crowdfund human-powered flight, a whale on stilts, and pork-eating cartoonist vampires

Looking for more worthy projects to support this long weekend? We have an interactive story about a whale walking on stilts, a graphic novel following a young vampire who just wants to make comics, a human-powered helicopter looking to break records, and a webseries about aspiring cartoonists. »5/27/12 3:00pm5/27/12 3:00pm

Physicists reveal compelling evidence for the "God Particle"

This morning, physicists representing the Large Hadron Collider's two largest experiments — ATLAS and CMS — announced that both teams have independently uncovered signals that point to the appearance of the Higgs boson. That's the long-sought sub-atomic particle thought to endow all other particles with mass. »12/13/11 12:00pm12/13/11 12:00pm