Watch as these five soldiers stand directly beneath an atomic blast

Back at the dawn of the atomic age, many Americans were rightfully worried about the effects of nuclear fallout. So, in a (failed) attempt to reassure people that atomic weapons were nothing to get in a huff about, the U.S. Air Force recruited five volunteers (plus one photographer who didn't have much of a say in… »7/18/12 4:36pm7/18/12 4:36pm

Welcome to the Smithsonian​’s Atomic Weapons Museum

The Atomic Age is a difficult period to memorialize. Research from the time period yielded a clean form of energy, but also killed hundreds of thousands of individuals in World War II and plunged the planet into a Cold War. The National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada aims to collect artifacts and interpret… »5/17/12 11:20am5/17/12 11:20am