The "Rule of 50" Helps You Know When To Give Up On A Book

Life is just too short to keep reading a book that's not compelling or rewarding to you. But how can you know when to quit? Austin Kleon (Steal Like an Artist) recommends the Rule of 50, lifted from Nancy Pearl's book Book Lust. » 12/29/14 6:00pm 12/29/14 6:00pm

How to Write for Money Without Selling Out Too Much

This past weekend, it seemed like all of the Twitter conversations were about fiction writing, and selling out. It's a weird conundrum: Most advice for writers assumes that you're doing this as a business, and you want to make money at it. But you shouldn't want to make money too badly. » 1/07/13 1:56pm 1/07/13 1:56pm