Robosapien trailer is everything that is wrong with our world

This Robosapien trailer is a real trailer and not a Saturday Night Live sketch, despite all signs to the contrary. Producer—and heavily marketed as producer—Avi Arad's baby (one of the many faces behind the Sony-based Marvel movies), this might be the absolute worst thing we've ever seen in video trailer form. And… »3/02/13 7:00pm3/02/13 7:00pm


Spider-Man producer heads to China to turn the Terracotta Warriors into a superhero franchise

Hollywood is hot for China. Both Looper and Iron Man 3 courted the Chinese audience by setting chunks of their movies in the far East. Now, Sony big wig and The Amazing Spider-Man producer, Avi Arad, is cashing in and starting up a whole new movie franchise based around Chinese lore. »12/13/12 12:20pm12/13/12 12:20pm