Cover Reveal: The dark splendor of the new Alien universe comics

Excited for Dark Horse's relaunch of their Alien, Predator and Alien Vs. Predator comics? What about the debut of Prometheus, and the universe all four titles will share? We're thrilled to bring you this first, exclusive look at the jaw-dropping covers for all four first issues. Plus, we talked to Dark Horse… » 1/13/14 1:08pm 1/13/14 1:08pm

Predators Beat Aliens, And They Want Another Round With Arnold

The results are in: the cage match of Alien Versus Predator » 9/22/08 8:20am 9/22/08 8:20am is officially over, and producer John Davis is calling the match in favor of the Predators. The next logical step is to go back and kill off every human that ever stood in their way. Davis thinks the chances of working with the "get to da choppa" screaming…