These Charts Show Just How Bad The Problem of Gender Bias in Science Fiction Awards Really Is

Are men better than women at writing science fiction and fantasy books? The major awards in the field certainly seem to think so. And in case you weren’t aware of how widespread the problem is, a groundbreaking new research project has generated some utterly staggering charts. »9/29/15 8:00pm9/29/15 8:00pm

The Ignatz Award Nominations Are a Big Win for Women Cartoonists

The Ignatz Awards, the top award for indie and small-press comics, just announced its 2015 nominees. More than half the nominees are women, an increasingly common phenomena in comics awards. Female creators dominated in the Minicomic, Online Comic, and Promising New Talent categories, which favor up-and-coming new… »8/18/15 3:20pm8/18/15 3:20pm

The Victorian Hugos: 1894 Brings The First Great Female Mad Scientist In Literature

We’re now into the mid-1890s, and readers of science fiction at this time will be forgiven for thinking that they’re being rewarded for years of patience. The Age of the Storyteller, as Roger Lancelyn Green put it, has not yet reached science fiction—H.G. Wells is so far only publishing short stories—but the number of… »8/13/15 1:40pm8/13/15 1:40pm

The Victorian Hugos: 1893 Was to Books What 1977 Was to Movies

Science fiction books in 1893 are where science fiction film was in 1977. In both cases, the genre was... perhaps “in the doldrums” is too harsh a judgment. Certainly, enough significant work had appeared before 1893 and 1977 that one could, in those years, speak of the science fiction genre, in both media, as a… »8/04/15 1:45pm8/04/15 1:45pm

The Hugo Awards Were Always Political. But Now They're Only Political.

Last August, the Hugo Awards for science fiction and fantasy were swept by a younger group of women and people of color. At the time, we said "This was really a year that underscored that a younger generation of diverse writers are becoming central to the genre." So maybe it's not surprising that there was an… »4/04/15 4:35pm4/04/15 4:35pm