Autism-Busting Paleo Book for Babies Pulled Because It Will Kill Them

Here’s some news that might come as a big surprise to you: A baby cookbook called Bubba Yum Yum written by a TV chef, a mommy blogger and a naturopath may not be as safe as previously thought. Sure, it might stop your baby from developing autism, but only because your baby will be dead. (Better dead than… »3/20/15 2:57pm3/20/15 2:57pm

Scientists prove a point by injecting liquid into babies' diapers

It's not always glamorous, being a scientist. Sure, occasionally you get to smash subatomic particles together or sequence a genome, but other times, you are stuck in a room, alone, waiting for a baby to fall asleep so you can fill its little diaper with simulated pee. To be fair, in doing that you might be helping… »1/20/14 1:29pm1/20/14 1:29pm

The only thing that makes this baby stop crying is the Star Wars theme

Well, because the only thing that makes him stop crying is the original Star Wars opening theme by John Williams. So unless you walk around screaming all day in misery until you too hear the Star Wars theme — which would be much less socially acceptable from an adult than an infant — then this baby has the edge. »11/11/13 9:20am11/11/13 9:20am

Baby Mammals Twitch in Their Sleep Because They’re Learning Cute Moves

Okay, so this research into the phenomenon of twitching baby mammals (in the words of University of Iowa psychology professor Mark Blumberg, “literally every mammal that has ever been looked at” twitches) is really interesting, but I’m not going to dress this post up in futuristic scientific regalia (I was thinking a… »6/22/13 3:07pm6/22/13 3:07pm

Alien Baby Power Loader Wins Best Baby Costume of All (now with video)

Jason Smith and his amazing Power Loader Baby Costume (complete with baby) wins the award of best parent and kid costume of the century. And just think years later when this baby can show off this footage (sent by the Father himself) to all of their friends, thus proving that they were forever awesome.… »10/29/12 4:32pm10/29/12 4:32pm