Will DVD Bring the Real Babylon A.D., Minus Studio Meddling?

It's never a good sign when your first DVD release has two different versions of your film, but Vin Diesel's Babylon A.D. »11/11/08 11:00am11/11/08 11:00am was a special kind of terrible. In the January 6 DVD release there will be two Babylon A.D. films: One the original theatrical release, and the other an unrated cut. Now, at last, we'll be able to…

A Sleestak Pinup, Transformers Shockers, And A Bizarre Sarah Connor Twist

See another side of Land Of The Lost »8/26/08 9:00am8/26/08 9:00am's Sleestaks in this morning's spoiler bonanza. Also, co-writer Roberto Orci answered fans' questions about which robots to expect in the new movie - and addressed those rumors about Jonah Hill spurning the film. There's a plot twist in the that made me fall out of my chair when I…

Too Many Details About Knight Rider, Chuck, Torchwood and Lost!

The spoiler onslaught continues. We have a trippy explanation of what Vin Diesel's Babylon A.D. »8/22/08 9:00am8/22/08 9:00am is about. We got a ton of script pages from upcoming episodes of and - and the deranged storyline must be read to be believed. (There's some super high-level computer science mixed in with that car-wrangling!) There are…

Vin Diesel Shows His Softer Side With His Reluctance To Kill An Annoying Blonde

Thoorop (Vin Diesel) shares some face time with Aurora (Mélanie Thierry) in the new American Babylon A.D. trailer. Will the budding romance interfere with their cross country dash, escaping from motorcycle assassins and people who wear their sunglasses at night? Click through for more big time spoiler questions and… »6/11/08 11:40am6/11/08 11:40am

Vin Diesel Fights Tigers, Missiles and Crucifixes In New Babylon A.D. Trailer

Aurora, the young woman that Vin Diesel has to shuttle from Russia to China, can walk in between bullets a rockets with her eyes closed, judging from this new French teaser trailer for Mathieu Kassovitz's futuristic thriller Babylon A.D.. Aurora (Melanie Thierry) is actually a host to an organism that a cult wants to… »5/27/08 3:55pm5/27/08 3:55pm

160-Minute European Cut of Babylon A.D. "Never Existed" Say Filmmakers

Much hue and cry has been raised over the rumor that Vin Diesel future-world flick Babylon A.D. would have a 160-minute European version, but only a 90-minute U.S. version. Now the producers have taken the time to quash this rumor in the most believable way possible, by posting on MySpace. Here's what they said:… »4/11/08 3:30pm4/11/08 3:30pm

What'll Be The Most Surprising Hit Movie Of The Summer?

Out of a dozen or so scifi movies coming out this summer, only four of them are absolutely bulletproof, according to you, our readers. Ten of this summer's science fiction films are in danger of falling into obscure-cult-classic territory — or worse. But there's also an excellent chance that at least one underdog will… »3/12/08 3:20pm3/12/08 3:20pm