Marty McFly's Back To The Future 2 Sneakers Are Finally Affordable

Back to the Future 2's self-lacing, future Nike shoes have always been bananas expensive. But not anymore! Someone has finally made a knock-off version of the power lacers for under a $100. » 9/17/14 8:40am 9/17/14 8:40am

Crispin Glover reveals why he was replaced in Back To The Future 2

Little known fact: Crispin Glover refused to be in Back to the Future 2. So director Robert Zemeckis hired a doppelgänger, put him in makeup, and used old clips from Glover's past work on set to fill in any holes. Needless to say, that pissed off the actor (who sued). And now, many years later Glover is elaborating… » 8/09/13 10:30am 8/09/13 10:30am

Go Back To The Future With Original Hoverboard And Delorean Concept Art

Take a peek at some of the original concept art from Back To The Future 2, full of predictions about consumer items from the year 2015. It's especially amazing how many of these designs made the final cut. » 4/05/10 1:17pm 4/05/10 1:17pm

Weirdest Movies Ever Released On Thanskgiving Weekend

You might think it's odd that The Road and Ninja Assassin both came out just in time for Turkey Day. But those aren't the only counter-intuitive movies that studios have put out for Thanksgiving — here's a complete list. » 11/26/09 10:00am 11/26/09 10:00am

When Did Japan Stop Being The Future?

U.S. science fiction used to be fascinated with Japan, from Blade Runner to Neuromancer. Everything Japanese was cooler, sleeker and shinier than our grubby American aesthetic, and Japan was destined to dominate. And then, Japan's futuristic status waned. What happened? » 6/18/09 3:32pm 6/18/09 3:32pm

Back To What Future?

This "ouch I can't believe they did that" clip showcases everything that's wrong with Back To the Future 2. It's a shot-for-shot reprise of a sequence from the first movie, where Michael J. Fox gets away from some bullies. Except this time, he uses a "hoverboard" and hitches a ride with a flying car. In other words,… » 12/31/07 9:00am 12/31/07 9:00am