As Promised, Nike Finally Reveals BTTF II Air Mag Sneakers With Power Laces

Back in 2011, the Nike Air Mag, the shoes that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future II, were released to a ravenous fan base. There was only one problem, unlike the shoes seen in the movie, Nike’s Air Mags didn’t have power laces. Nike promised they would come 2015, and today the company delivered. »10/21/15 7:00pm10/21/15 7:00pm


Back to the Future II Was Set in 2015. But Can Anyone Shut Up About It

"Where's my hoverboard," am I right, guys? One thing that Back to the Future II definitely got wrong about 2015 is how many miniature turds of internet content we would poop out about it, resulting in an expanded space-time #ContentUniverse in which the comparison of the actual 2015 present with a fictional 2015… »1/02/15 2:51pm1/02/15 2:51pm

Watch Hoverboard an entire short film dedicated to the wonder of Back to the Future II

Remember the first time you played Jurassic Park raptor kitchen or blew up the Death Star from your backyard? The adorable little film Hoverboard takes us all back to the time when great movies such as Back To The Future Part II would inspire hours of make-believe. Directed by Sydney Freeland for the 2013 PBS Online… »3/13/13 10:20am3/13/13 10:20am