Back to the Future Is A Damn Perfect Movie

When people talk about the best, most perfect movies ever made, we all know the usual suspects: Citizen Kane, Chinatown, Casablanca. And I feel like Back to the Future should absolutely be on that list. The way this film is structured and feeds story to the audience is so seamless, it’s basically a clinic in how to… »10/21/15 4:00pm10/21/15 4:00pm


The Best Ways To Celebrate Marty McFly's Arrival in 2015

It’s a huge year in the history of Back to the Future. It’s the 30th anniversary of the film’s 1985 release, as well as the year Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to in Part II. That latter date, October 21, 2015, is fast approaching, and if you’re a fan of the franchise, there are some very cool events planned. »9/11/15 1:40pm9/11/15 1:40pm

If You Still Don't Own Back to the Future On Blu-ray, You're In Luck

Back to the Future is one of those series I buy on every medium. I had the VHS, the DVD Box set and then the Blu-ray box set. We’re now coming up on the 30th anniversary and I might have to dip in again, because Universal just announced three special anniversary Blu-ray sets with a ton of bells and whistles. »7/16/15 3:40pm7/16/15 3:40pm

Why Even Our Most Radical Visions of the Future Include Pizza

According to futurists of the 20th century, food of the future was supposed to be calorie-dense, inexpensive, and ready in a flash. And in many ways that future has arrived. But we're still waiting on one high-tech food prediction from the 1980s: The rehydrated pizza of the film Back to the Future: Part II. »4/03/15 10:22am4/03/15 10:22am

Brand New Concept Art of Back to the Future Part II's 2015 Technology

2015 is both the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future and the year that Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future Part II. Which means that a lot of this year will be devoted to questions about whether or not the film's predictions have come true. Questions made easier by this new glut of concept art to go with… »1/12/15 12:06am1/12/15 12:06am

Witness Back to the Future II's homages to It's a Wonderful Life

Back to the Future director Robert Zemeckis is a great fan of that alternate reality holiday classic It's a Wonderful Life, and he's never made a secret of the fact that the Biff-ruled Hill Valley of Back to the Future Part II is an homage to the neon-filled Pottersville George Bailey travels through. This video,… »1/06/13 11:00am1/06/13 11:00am

Check out test footage from the Back To The Future: Part II hoverboard chase

In the 1989 flick Back To The Future: Part II, Marty McFly travels to the far-off year of 2015 and gets roped up in a thrilling Hoverboard chase with a gang of bionic hooligans. But before director Robert Zemeckis could film the scene, the crew practiced their hoverboard stunts in fields and studio lots. Watch as an… »8/09/12 12:20pm8/09/12 12:20pm