Queen's Brian May releases a hit song to save the badgers

The controversial "badger cull" in England has begun. And Queen's Brian May is one animal lover who isn't too happy about the country's plan to protect cows by killing badgers, who carry deadly bovine tuberculosis. May remixed some Queen songs, wrote new badger-friendly lyrics, and is burning up the iTunes charts. » 8/30/13 12:54pm 8/30/13 12:54pm

Badger Unearths Medieval Graves in Germany

A badger living near a farm in Germany picked an interesting spot to build its den: directly on top of a 12th century burial site that included two lords and a warrior. The people living on the farm began to suspect something after the badger tossed out a pelvic bone. A human pelvic bone. » 8/14/13 6:40am 8/14/13 6:40am

The Shocking Truth About Rejection Letters

When you send in your beloved short story to a fiction magazine and get a rejection letter back, try not to take it personally. Because, as Beth Wodzinski at Shimmer Magazine reveals, it was probably written by a badger. As Wodzinski explains, she's trying to drag the badger-based rejection letter industry into theā€¦ » 1/11/13 3:06pm 1/11/13 3:06pm